2018 – current

May 2020

  • Lindsay has transitioned to Merck & Co as a senior scientist. Congrats!
  • Fang has joined the lab. Welcome!

February 2020

  • Yonghyun is now an assistant professor at Ewha University in South Korea. Congrats!

December 2019

  • Lindsay has successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations!
  • Xuehui has joined the lab. Welcome!

September 2019

  • Yonghyun, Yuchen, and Cheng publish their research articles in Nature Materials, ACS Nano, and ACS Nano.
  • Lindsay, Charles, and Cameron publish their review articles in Nature Biomed Eng. and Biomaterials.
  • Cameron has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations everyone!

April 2019

  • Yuchen has successfully defended his thesis.
  • Jutaek and Sejin’s review paper is published in Nature Reviews Materials. Congrats everyone!
  • Jin joined our group. Welcome!

September/October 2018

  • Dr. Moon is promoted to associate professor with tenure!
  • Lukasz’s and Joe’s papers are accepted in Advanced Healthcare Materials, Nanomedicine, and Nano Letters. Congrats everyone!

August 2018

  • Lukasz’s paper is in press in Biomaterials. Congrats!
  • Dr. Moon receives the 2018 AAPS Emerging Leader Award!

July 2018

  • Rui’s paper is in press in JCR.
  • Sejin receives 2018 BMES Career Development Award.
  • Dr. Moon receives ANNIC Mid-Career in Nanotechnology Scientific Award.
  • Joe has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations everyone!
  • Kai has joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!
  • Lukasz has transitioned to Xencor, Inc as a scientist. Congrats, and we will miss you!

May 2018

  • Dr. Moon has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure and delivered an invited talk at the University of Michigan Regents Meeting.
  • Dr. Soohong Lee and Haley are joining us for the summer.  Welcome!
  • Rui’s paper is in press in JCR. Congrats!

April 2018

  • Lukasz has successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Ochyl!
  • Rui’s paper is in press in JCR. Congrats!

March 2018

  • Jutaek and Sejin’s paper is published in Nature Communications.
  • Rui’s papers are in press in Bioconj. Chem. and Science Advances.
  • Lukasz wins the 2nd place poster award in COP Research Forum.
  • Xiaoqi receives the UM Rackham Int. Student Fellowship.
  • Congrats everyone!

February 2018

  • Rui has joined Harvard Medical School as a postdoc and Ishina has joined Intellia Therapeutics. Congrats, and we will miss you!